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Ichrak Klai

Arab Institute of Governance Consultant

Ichrak KLAI is a jurist specializing in public law, a consultant in the field of local governance and citizen participation, involved in civil society and a member of various associations, in particular the Arab Institute of Governance (AGI). She is a member of the Tunisian delegation in the climate negotiations. She participated in COP26 in Glasgow. She was hired as part of consultations with young people throughout Tunisia. She is very much interested in public affairs and the process of democratic transition. It is committed to the fight for a better world, a world where rights and freedoms are guaranteed and respected, and where citizenship is active, and the human being is the center of the universe. She was associated with the CoMun program of the GIZ (diagnosis project on the state of youth participation in 30 municipalities, action plan projects for young people, election stimulation project).