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Brahima Fomba

Scientific Coordinator of the ODYSSEY Group Mali

Dr. Brahima FOMBA is the Scientific Coordinator of the ODYSSEE Group. He holds a DEA in Political Science from the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Rabat (Morocco), Doctorate in Public Law from the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Rabat (Morocco), Diploma of Higher Cycle of National School of Public Administration (ENAP) of Morocco equivalent to the Doctorate, Public Administration specialty, Normal Cycle Diploma of the National School of Public Administration (ENAP), Diplomacy and Consular Affairs. He is a lecturer-researcher at the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences of Bamako since 1994. Parallel to his academic pursuits, Dr. Brahima FOMBA was for several years Legal Advisor to the Department of Territorial Administration and Decentralization. He has also held the positions of Director General of the Training Center of Territorial Communities and Secretary General of the Minister of Territorial Administration, Decentralization and Territorial Planning. As a specialist in governance issues, decentralization, local development and electoral expert, he is the author of numerous publications on these issues and recently co-authored two works published in 2016 by the ODYSSEE Group at Timbuktu Editions: "Successful transfer of skills and resources of the state to local authorities in Mali "and" The legislative path of the decentralization reform in Mali "

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