Local Strategies and Policies Sessions


19 May

19 May

14:30 to 18:00

Venue: Room 15


United Cities and Local Governments of Africa

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It results from the goals of the public policies implemented by the various national and regional actors that the strategy adopted by Morocco is part of the imperatives of sustainable and integrated development. Indeed, the fabric of the said policies in all sectors of economic, social, cultural and environmental life is articulated around issues relating to the employability of young people and women, good governance, the proper use of collective intelligence and the mobilization of the creative energies of wealth at the national, regional and local level. To do this, Morocco has equipped itself with a system of government giving its twelve regions additional powers allowing them to fully play their role in the development process that it knows and in which the human dimension is placed at the center. priority concerns of local authorities. It is in this context that territorial coaching has emerged as a new opportunity that is perfectly in line with a spirit of sustainability and long-lasting resilience at the service of all those involved in economic and social life. Territorial coaching particularly aims to mobilize the populations of local authorities on the basis of choices relating, among other things, to the values of animation, organization, consultation, pooling, cooperation and good governance. Aware of the interest of the territorial coaching approach, the Council of the Oriental Region has seized on it to ensure its implementation, popularization and promotion at the regional, national and African levels. Moreover, the local authorities of the Oriental region and their staff as well as the actors of economic, administrative, social, and cultural life who have benefited from training in this field, have not failed to salute the interest in implementing this new approach in which territorial coaching is designed as a tool for mobilization, creation, inventiveness and productivity. This is why the Council of the Oriental Region, taking into account its accumulated experience and the knowledge it has acquired in this field, is ready to put its expertise at the service of African interregional cooperation within the framework of South /South and South/North/South cooperation. On this subject, it is important to specify that this experience is already shared with the African regions with which partnership agreements were signed, as was the case with the Département of Kaolack in Senegal. The Center of Excellence for Territorial Coaching in association with its partners UCLG Africa, the Council of the Oriental Region, the Oriental Development Agency, the Med Premier University and ECO Communication proposes, at the light of the real needs of local authorities, to present its experience according to the following themes: Ø  The theme relating to territorial coaching as a tool for mobilizing and training actors in local authorities; Ø  The theme relating to the social and solidarity economy as an activity articulated around the values of solidarity, innovation, creativity of wealth and equitable sharing; Ø  The theme of migration and its integration into economic, social and cultural life; Ø  The theme relating to the environment and climate change; Ø  The theme relating to the orange economy and its contribution to the sustainable development strategy to meet the challenge of the digital revolution; Ø  The theme of decentralized cooperation and its role in bringing people together and creating the values of solidarity and peace. The approach adopted by the council of the Eastern Region tends to highlight innovative practices reconciling the values of efficiency, inventiveness, productivity, the enhancement of human potential and the strengthening of the dynamics of sustainable development. and integrated. This is an experience to be shared with our current partners and those who will become partners in the near future to inspire, initiate and develop, in a word, to cooperate so that the mobilizing force of territorial coaching is the common good of all African regions.





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