Local Strategies and Policies Sessions

JOU-01 | Urban Planning Day

19 May

19 May

9:30 to 18:00

Venue: Room 3


United Cities and Local Governments of Africa

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Official opening session Projection of institutional film on Intermediary cities in Morocco. ·        Ms. Fatimzahra El Mansouri : Minister of Territorial Development, Town Planning, Housing. And Urban Policy, Morocco ·        Ministry of the Interior - Mr. Khalid Safir , Wali, Director General of Territorial Authorities (DGCT), Morocco ·        Mr. Claver GATETE, Minister of Infrastructure: Rwanda ·        Mr. Ousmane Gaoual DIALLO, Minister of Town Planning, Housing and Territorial Development, Kenya ·        Mr. Erfan Ali, UN-Habitat ROAS ·        Ms. Emilia Seize, Secretary General of UCLG World ·        Jean-Pierre Elong Mbassi, Secretary General of UCLG Africa ·        Mr. Sefiani, President of the Intermediary Cities Forum – Mayor of the city of Chefchaouen, Morocco
Testimonial Session ·        Interventions Ministry of Territorial Development, Urban Planning, Housing and City Policy, Morocco ·        Testimony of the Mayor the Intermediary city of Benguerir : Morocco ·        Testimony of the Mayor of OGOU and President of the Association of Mayors: Togo ·        Testimony of the Mayor of the Intermediary City of GINJA: Rwanda   Debates and Questions.
Side Event Majal Time 1: ·        Opening remarks: Ministry of Planning, Territorial Planning, Urban Planning, Housing and City Policy ·        Majal 's initiative and its contribution to city diplomacy and the commitment of the Kingdom of Morocco to promote South-South cooperation - Majal ·        The Strategic Restitution of FACDI's contribution for the implementation of integrated projects resulting from the African inter-city partnership – Ministry of the Interior Morocco ·        The role of the sub-national level in urban planning and territorial development – UCLG Africa. ·        Measures/Tools deployed for the implementation of the New Urban Agenda in the African inter-city partnership – UN-Habitat Nairobi   Time 2: ·        The landscape dimension carried by the African inter-city partnership and its contribution to the enhancement of urban quality ·        Testimonial of the Mayor of Rufisque (Senegal) ·        The African inter-city partnership and its role in improving the living conditions of the populations: the integrated project of the city of Abomey Calavi (Benin). ·        Testimony Mayor of Abomey Calavi
Time 3: ·        The African inter-city partnership, a framework for implementing the New Urban Agenda: analytical reading of the projects presented. UN-Habitat – Nairobi (TBC) ·        Perspectives of the African inter-city partnership and announcement of the African network - UCLG Africa and ·        The Majal Federation – President of Majal  





Parallel Sessions