Youth Summit: Meet Yvette ISHIMWE, the Water girl

The 22-year-old Yvette ISHIMWE is the founder and CEO of Iriba Water Group. Through her social business, she offers innovative solutions for household water shortage in Rwanda and water treatment systems to institutions and individuals to help them access safe drinking water easily,
both in rural and urban areas. She has been doing this since 2015 and tells us in her own words, what participating in Africities Summit represents for her as a young African.

“As part of the Africities Summit Youth Forum, I am pitching my company’s project called Tap and Drink. People spend so much on buying drinking water packaged in non-disposable plastic bottles that later harm our environment. Tap and Drink is an innovative solution for accessibility to drinking
water in urban areas where our clients pay a monthly subscription of around 2.5 dollars per month, and they are provided with a reusable water bottle that has a readable barcode, (sic) technology, that includes their subscription information. They then use those bottles to fetch drinking water
from our various kiosks disseminated around the city on a self-service basis.”

“Young people have the most creative ideas, and it is very important to include them while making action plans. The future of our cities belongs to them, so they have all the right to decide what it is going to be. On the other hand, young people should use that to act on coming up with solutions for the society. Understanding the importance of partnering with local governments is key to
achieving this. For example, being here at this summit is a good opportunity for me to connect with authorities from different cities, present to them my project that is only being implemented in Kigali, Rwanda, but might also be a solution for many more cities in Africa.”