The bodies in charge of the preparation and implementation of the Africities Summit are: the Political Commission, the Executive Commission and the Operational Commission.

  • The Political Commission

    Its composition: the members of the UCLGA Presidency chaired by the UCLGA incumbent President.

    Its missions: Choice of the Africities Summit host city; choice of the Event’s Central theme; choice of the date for the organization of the Summit, in consultation with the authorities of the host city and country; adoption of the Financial Regulations of the Africities Summit; approval of the Africities Summit budget; approval of the closing report of the Africities Summit closing accounts presented by an external auditor; monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the resolutions and recommendations of the Africities Summit in cooperation with the institutions and bodies appointed by the Summit.

  • The Executive Commission

    Its composition: The Chairman of the National Association of Local Governments, who chairs the commission; the representative of the Minister in charge of Local Governments; the Mayor of the City that hosted the preceding edition of the Summit; and the UCLGA Secretary General who fulfils the function of the Commission Secretariat.

    Its missions: Preparation and organization of the Africities Summit meetings; supervision of the activities of the Africities Exhibition; design and implementation of the communication strategy before, during and after the Africities Summit; responsibility for the logistics and protocol questions; preparation of the Africities Summit draft budget and monitoring of its execution; definition of the conditions pertaining to the competition and award of Africities Prizes; selection of the Firm of External Auditors in charge of the audit and certification of the Africities Summit accounts.

    By and large, the Executive Commission is in charge of the preparation and implementation of the Political Commission decisions.

  • The Operational Commission

    Its composition: The Mayor of the City of the Africities, who is also the chairperson of the Commission; a representative of the Central Government (Ministry in charge of Local Governments); a representative of the National Association of Local Governments; and a representative of the UCLGA General Secretariat, who fulfils the functions of Secretariat of the Commission.

    The Operation Commission is supported by a Local Organization Commission chaired by the Mayor of the Host City and comprising of the representatives of the different ministerial departments and local stakeholders involved in the organization of the Africities Summit.

    Its missions: Management of resources mobilized for the Africities Summit and execution of the relating expenses, in accordance with the procedures laid down under the Africities Summit Financial Regulations; monitoring of the execution of the Africities Summit communication Plan; supervision of the Africities Summit and Exhibition preparation and implementation operations; supervision of the preparation of the edition and publication of the Africities Summit proceedings.