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Luc Gnacadja

Founder and President of GPS-Dev, Former Executive Secretary UNCCD & Minister of Environment in Bénin, Member of Climate Chance Association

Mr Gnacadja has over 20 years of experience in environmental and urban development. During his rich and diversed career path he has performed as Minister of Environment, Habitat, Urban and Regional Development, Special Representative of the LoCAL Programme Board, Chairperson of the Strategic Council of the Sahara and Sahel Observatory. He is also Founder and President of GPS-DEV, a think tank involved in transforming governance for sustainability in developing countries. Since becoming UN Assistant-Secretary-General and Executive Secretary of the UNCCD in October 2007, Mr. Gnacadja has dedicated himself to mobilizing political will for the fight against desertification, land degradation and to mitigate the effects of drought.