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Ibticem Attitallah

Deputy Mayor of Sfax

Mrs. Ibticem Atitallah Regaieg. Born on 08/09/1985 in Sfax. Married and mother of 3 children: Mohamed Amin, Yassmine and Ayoub. Principal engineer graduated from the National School of Engineers of Sfax in 2009 in the specialty of Materials Engineering. Also graduated in 2010 in atomic engineering from the Higher Institute of Nuclear Sciences and Techniques of Cadarache Marseille (France). She was a member of the Regional Committee of the Order of Tunisian Engineers of Sfax in charge of training, from 2016 to 2019. Works at the Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company since 2010. Currently Head of Design Office in the district of Sfax Ville. Zas elected and member of the Municipal Council of the municipality of Sfax since May 2018. 4th Deputy Mayor and President of the Volunteer Commission. Participated in the UCLG congress in Durban in November 2019 and was selected as the Representative of North Africa in the Network of Young Locally Elected Representatives.