REFELA vow to reduce the number of street children in African cities

Over 30 female mayors and regional council chairs have on Tuesday 20th November, vowed to reduce, by at least 25 percent, the number of street children in African cities by 2030.

The Network of Locally Elected Women of Africa (REFELA) made the commitment at the Africities 2018 conference held in the Moroccan city of Marrakech.

This commitment should be materialized thanks in particular to the various actions that will be carried out during the “African Cities without Street Children Campaign” which will be officially launched on Saturday.

This campaign generally targets several categories of children including street children, children in difficult situations, and children who are isolated and without any protection to be reintegrated into their close and extended families.

During this campaign, REFELA’s elected representatives intend to draw everyone’s attention to the “morally unacceptable” situation of children who are increasingly living on the streets and who are exposed to all dangers, when they should be in their homes and in schools.

They will furthermore invite all parties concerned by the problem of street children, to mobilize in order to give a second chance to these children in precarious and vulnerable situations.

Finally, the campaign will provide concrete support to the cities and territories involved in the campaign by providing them with an intervention model to enable them to deal effectively and in the long term with the phenomenon of street children.